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Botswana regulator BOCRA has made the 6GHz band available for Wi-Fi
On early August 2023, BOCRA issued a formal notification categorizing certain RF Equipment as being exempted from Type Approval, and this, following the review of Type Approval Guidelines 2023. According to the exemption list, Equipment "embedded with Wi-Fi transceivers, Bluetooth transceivers, with the provision that the Wi-Fi transceiver, Wi-Fi5 CERTIFIED™" do not require BOCRA Type Approval. The same goes with Receive Only Equipment, Vehicle embedded RTTE operating in the appropriate frequencies bands as well as GMPCS Mobile Satellite Terminals with “ITU” mark.
There has recently been a change of guidelines for SIM-Enabled Devices. This has been implemented to help verify genuine and non genuine products trying to obtain approval.
BOCRA announce type approval renewal process cessation, effective 30th July 2020