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Eleos Compliance offer a cost-effective service and work efficiently to meet your time-to-market needs, providing transparent updates and excellent management throughout your RF certification project.

International RF Certification

When looking to bring your radio equipment to market in any given country around the world, you must first ensure that your products are compliant with local regulations. In order to do this, a type approval certificate is required. In some cases, the requirements are extensive, and the processes can be incredibly time consuming and difficult to navigate for manufacturers.
At Eleos Compliance, we provide a comprehensive solution to the global homologation / certification challenges you face. With our industry experience and wealth of knowledge of global requirements, we can dictate the best strategy to global approval for your equipment worldwide.
Whether you are an established technology company selling internationally, or a start-up making your first foray into global market access, we are here to help you to get your equipment to markets, big and small, around the world.
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EMC and Safety Certification

As with the RF requirements, regulation for EMC and Safety differ for each country or region. At Eleos Compliance, our team will analyse your equipment specifications and provide a full breakdown of any EMC and Safety requirements which apply to your equipment and support in the subsequent type approval processes, leveraging test reports of internationally recognized standards where possible in order to ensure your global EMC and Safety compliance.
With approval requirements covering a wide range of ITE equipment and domestic and commercial use products, it is essential that you ensure your products are fully approved to all national level requirements.

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Green Certification

Green compliance focuses on certification and compliance requirements which serve to protect our environmental health. Here at Eleos Compliance, we will help you understand and adhere to any applicable green compliance requirements in your target markets.