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MCMC published Class assignment No.1 of 2024, replacing Class Assignment No.1 of 2023
SIRIM CoCs that have been expired for more than six (6) months will now be automatically blocked or suspended for renewal.
Malaysia - Class Assignment No.1 of 2023
Posted by Admin in Malaysia - 15-SEP-23
MCMC released new Class Assignment No.1 of 2023 which supersedes the previous document, Class Assignment No.2 of 2022.
Interim Type Approval extended for IPv6 cellular equipment without Wi-Fi
MCMC have issued Class Assignment No. 1 of 2022, dated 19th January 2022. This now includes the frequency band 5925 - 6425 MHz for SRD, such as Wi-Fi 6E, therefore products operating in this frequency band can now be certified in Malaysia.
SIRIM have announced that the potential use of 6 GHz frequency band for Wi-Fi is being reviewed by MCMC. However, as of now, certification and importation of Wi-Fi devices supporting 6 GHz band is not permitted.