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News and Updates
The General Director of the Regulatory Body ARCEP has been recently removed in the wake of the current political crisis in Niger. Consequently, ongoing applications for Type Approval are experiencing significant delays. It is expected that a new Director will be appointed soon to ensure service continuity and Eleos is closely monitoring the situation to make further updates available.
ENACOM has issued Resolution 1132/2023, with new technical standards for digital wireless devices including WiFi 6E starting from August 18, 2023.
Proposed abolition of the Notice of the use of Point-to-Point Radio Access Systems in Fixed Services in the 40-50 Gigahertz (GHz) Band (MIIT No [2013] No. 500)
TELCOR has released Administrative Agreement No. 001-2023 to improve radio frequency spectrum in Nicaragua. This agreement assigns specific frequency bands for mobile broadband services, Short-Range Devices and Low-Power Wide-Area Network Devices.
The Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) is seeking public input on guidelines for the use of the IFT Seal on approved telecommunications or broadcasting products.
The UK government has indefinitely extended the use of the CE marking for companies, meaning the previously introduced UKCA mark is no longer a mandatory requirement.