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The ENACOM in Argentina has expanded band allocation for Level Probing Radars (LPRs), allowing them to operate in the 76-81 GHz frequency band. The regulation also includes a technical standard for LPRs and requests a DoC for certification until at least one Accredited Laboratory is qualified to test to the approved standard.
ENACOM has issued Resolution 1132/2023, with new technical standards for digital wireless devices including WiFi 6E starting from August 18, 2023.
ENACOM, the National Communications Entity of Argentina, has implemented significant changes to the RAMATEL labelling requirements, which came into effect on May 10, 2023.
The Ministry of Economy of Argentina has taken a significant step towards promoting high-speed internet access in the country by announcing the allocation of the 6 GHz spectrum band for the use and development of WIFI 6 technology.
ENACOM allocates frequency band for 5G deployment in Argentina. Regulatory measures also approved.
Grace period for labelling updates from ENACOM Resolution No. 854/2020 has now expired.