A sustainable RF certification services company
A sustainable RF certification services company
A sustainable RF certification services company


Brazilian Real
The type approval process for RF products in Brazil is administered by the Agencia Nacional de Telecomunicacoes.

Eleos Compliance offer a fast, reliable and cost-effective service for your type approvals needs in Brazil. Our coverage includes all RF and ITE devices – please see our technologies supported here.
Our service includes as standard:
  • Support and guidance to ensure that you understand any RF, EMC, Safety or Green certification requirements applicable to your device.
  • Review of your EU/FCC TCF to ensure that your documentation will be acceptable.
  • Preparation of your application including all application forms and declarations.
  • Pre-screening of your product samples.
  • Payment of testing fees and technical support during overseas testing.
  • Submission of your application and payment of type approval fees
  • Management of the approval process and follow up throughout to ensure that your certificate is delivered in a timely manner
You can follow the process of your applications daily through our cloud-based live status reporting system.

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Certification Schemes
Lead Time:
11 weeks
Local Representation:
Specific Labelling:
In Country Testing Required:
2 Years
Regulatory Updates for Brazil
Anatel announces spectrum auction for 5G spectrum in Brazil
The Directing Council of the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) approved the announcement of the 5G auction. Anatel announced that this, the largest spectrum offer in Anatel's history (the bidding for radio frequencies in the 700 MHz, 2.3 GHz, 3.5 GHz and 26 GHz bands) provides a greater volume of spectrum resources so that providers can expand their networks.

Full details can be found here.

Published 26/03/21

ANATEL publishes technical requirements for Wi-Fi 6E devices in Brazil
On 26 February 2021, National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) published technical requirements for Wi-Fi 6E devices in Brazil.

Act No. 1306 amends Act No. 14.448, which approved the Technical Requirements for the Conformity Assessment of Radio Communication Equipment Restricted Radiation, and includes requirements for equipment operating in the 5.925-7.125 MHz band.

The technical requirements can be found here

Published 02/03/21

ANATEL opens public consultation on the use of the 5.925 - 7.125 MHz band (Wi-Fi 6)
On 10 December 2020, Brazilian Regulator Agência Nacional De Telecomunicações (ANATEL) announced public consultation No. 82 for Granting and Provisioning Resources (SOR) for an Act that defines the technical characteristics of the use of the 5.925 - 7.125 MHz band by restricted radiation systems  (including Wi-Fi 6).

The public consultation is open for 45 days from launch. A link can be found here for all companies looking to contribute.

Published 15/12/20

ANATEL publishes Act Nº 7280 introducing new type approval requirements
ANATEL publishes Act Nº 7280 defining major changes to the Type Approval requirements for telecommunication devices.  The new act comes into force on 1 June 2021.

Act Nº 7280 replaces Act Nº 2222 of 20 April 2020 and updates the Reference List of Products for Telecommunications.  The main changes are:

1)      All products that previously required renewal every year will now require renewal every two years.  Such products include mobile phone chargers and lithium batteries used in mobile phones, residential femtocells, internal signal booster, cellular mobile phones, satellite mobile phones, collective use terminal for SMP, IP phones, regular telephones, DSL filters/splitters etc.
 2)      ANATEL will accept test reports from national and foreign ILAC member body accredited test laboratories for certain product types including digital switching centers, radar, satellite mobile phones, satellite earth stations and satellite mobile transceivers, various optical communications products, data communications equipment used in non-user environments and digital multiplexing equipment. 

For a full breakdown of the requirements, please get in touch.

Published 10/12/20