A sustainable RF certification services company
A sustainable RF certification services company
A sustainable RF certification services company


The type approval process for RF products in Botswana is administered by the Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority.

Eleos Compliance offer a fast, reliable and cost-effective service for your type approvals needs in Botswana. Our coverage includes all RF and ITE devices – please see our technologies supported here.
Our service includes as standard:
  • Support and guidance to ensure that you understand any RF, EMC, Safety or Green certification requirements applicable to your device.
  • Review of your EU/FCC TCF to ensure that your documentation will be acceptable.
  • Preparation of your application including all application forms and declarations.
  • Submission of your application and payment of type approval fees
  • Management of the approval process and follow up throughout to ensure that your certificate is delivered in a timely manner
You can follow the process of your applications daily through our cloud-based live status reporting system.

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Regulatory Updates for Botswana
BOTSWANA: Type Approval Verification Guidelines (SIM-ENABLED DEVICES)
On January 13th, BOCRA published the Type Approval guidelines for SIM-Enabled Devices which will be implemented and come into force on April 1st, 2022. The aim of the guidelines is to protect both the ICT networks and the consumers against adverse effects introduced by the rapid increase of non-type Approved counterfeit and substandard devices and ensure that only registered devices are used in public networks. To ensure that the SIM-Enabled Devices used in the public networks are compliant with the national standards, these must follow the current Type Approval requirements.

The Authority has implemented a Type Approval Verification System that will verify compliance to the Type Approval process by registering and monitoring devices that are connected to the public networks.

Please get in touch with your Eleos contact for a copy of this new regulation. 

Published 19/01/22

BOCRA announce type approval renewal process cessation
On 21st September 2020, Botswanan Regulator, Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA), have issued a public notice where they notify all stakeholders of the cessation of renewal Type Approval Certificates. 
Effective as of 30th July 2020, BOCRA will issue type approval certificates with no expiry dates. All manufacturers with pre-existing approval certificates with an expiry date should request a new certificate without an expiry date. Requests should be made 3 months before the expiry dates.
Any changes made to equipment will require a new approval certificate.

For a full copy of the regulation, please get in touch with the Eleos team at enquiries@eleoscompliance.com

Published 24/09/20