A sustainable RF certification services company
A sustainable RF certification services company
A sustainable RF certification services company


Azerbaijan Manat
The type approval process for RF products in Azerbaijan is administered by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies.

Eleos Compliance offer a fast, reliable and cost-effective service for your type approvals needs in Azerbaijan. Our coverage includes all RF and ITE devices – please see our technologies supported here.
Our service includes as standard:
  • Support and guidance to ensure that you understand any RF, EMC, Safety or Green certification requirements applicable to your device.
  • Review of your EU/FCC TCF to ensure that your documentation will be acceptable.
  • Preparation of your application including all application forms and declarations.
  • Submission of your application and payment of type approval fees
  • Management of the approval process and follow up throughout to ensure that your certificate is delivered in a timely manner
You can follow the process of your applications daily through our cloud-based live status reporting system.

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Certification Schemes
Lead Time:
6 weeks
Local Representation:
Specific Labelling:
In Country Testing Required:
12 months
Regulatory Updates for Azerbaijan
Clarification on separate EMC certification received from AzAK.
Accreditation Centre of Azerbaijan (AzAK) have issued a formal letter after consultation with AzInTelecom LLC of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan, confirming that separate EMC certificate must be obtained going forward for all new applications.

It is not a change in regulation per se, since requirements for separate EMC evaluation is stipulated in the Degree 175 from 21.08.1998 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic, but rather a change of practice since in the past there was no accredited Certification Body capable of performing EMC evaluation.

Type Approval Certificates that have been already issued with EMC and Safety evaluation on the same certificate are valid until their expiry date. At the time of renewal, however, such certificates will need to be split as described above.

Published 16/02/21

New EMC requirements clarified.
At the end of December, 2020, multiple international certification companies have issued regulatory updates, advising that AZS Certificates that cover EMC and Safety aspects of the product in Azerbaijan are no longer sufficient to prove full compliance for newly imported products and that a separate EMC Approval must be sought with an immediate effect.
Considering no official announcements were found in a public domain, ELEOS Team have conducted an investigation into this subject by consulting with local partners and Accreditation Authority of Azerbaijan, and can confirm that there were no recent publication or changes in regards to Type Approval legislation in Azerbaijan. This means that a single AZS Type Approval covering EMC and Safety remains to be sufficient to this date. 
Notwithstanding the above, it is understood that following recent speculations, discussions are being held between the regulators on whether to consider a need for a split of AZS Approval or not. If an official decision is reached in this regard, ELEOS will keep everyone informed.

Published 01/02/21