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The 6GHz band in Colombia will be for free use, unlicensed.

Colombia - The 6GHz band in Colombia will be for free use, unlicensed.
Posted by Admin in Colombia - 18-NOV-22
The Presidential consultant for Digital Transformation, Saúl Kattan, in a forum attended by leaders of the ICT industry, dealt with various issues such as the fair price of the spectrum and the need to free up the 5G bands to give more opportunities to operators and the digital poverty in the country.

Kattan announced that the bidding for those bands could take place in June 2023.

Kattan also gave news about the future of the 6GHz band, he said: "And the 6GHz band is coming, which is going to be free, it is going to support the connectivity of the little ones, through Wi-Fi."

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