ANATEL Safety Regulation – Act 17087

Brazil - ANATEL Safety Regulation – Act 17087
Posted by Admin in Brazil - 09-JAN-23
On December 19 2022, ANATEL issued Act 17087 which revokes Act 950. The new Act updates the technical requirements for electrical safety of telecommunication devices. Act 17087 can be followed now, and will become mandatory from19 December 2023.

The tests requirements and procedures are still the same, except for acoustic protection, where the applied surges are now 1,0 kV (Act Nº 17087) instead the 1,5 kV (Act Nº 950). 

The new ACT Nº 17087 also includes the following: 

  • Devices that are connected directly to the electric power lines must bear a mark showing the nominal voltage, current and frequency values.

  • If the device uses an external power supply adapter, this power supply adapter must bear a mark showing the nominal voltage, current and frequency values.

  • Class 1 devices (devices that are destined for general user, home use) must have following statement on it or in its user’s manual:
“Este equipamento deve ser conectado obrigatoriamente em tomada de rede de energia elétrica que possua aterramento (três pinos), conforme a Norma de instalações elétricas ABNT NBR 5410, visando a segurança dos usuários contra choques elétricos”.

You can find the official regulation here.

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