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New Israeli Sheqel
The type approval process for RF products in Palestine is administered by the Ministry of Telecom & Information Technology.
All RF devices are subjeted to Type Approval. EU documentacion preferred by Regulator.
Approvals can usually be obtained in less than 5 weeks. Approvals, once obtained, are valid for three years.
Eleos Compliance offer a fast, reliable and cost-effective service for your type approvals needs in Palestine.
Our coverage includes all RF and ITE devices – please see our technologies supported here.
Our service includes as standard:
  • Support and guidance to ensure that you understand any RF, EMC, Safety or Green certification requirements applicable to your device.
  • Review of your EU/FCC TCF to ensure that your documentation will be acceptable.
  • Preparation of your application including all application forms and declarations.
  • Management of the approval process and follow up throughout to ensure that your certificate is delivered in a timely manner.
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Certification Schemes

Lead Time :
5 weeks
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Validity :
3 Years