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The Utility Regulation and Competition Office (OfReg) of the Cayman Islands has initiated a public consultation to solicit feedback on a proposed Short Range Device Regulation document.
The Chilean government is seeking feedback on a proposal to simplify the certification process for certain electronic devices.
Mexico's IFT Seeks Public Input on Proposed Changes to Homologation Guidelines
Mexico's IFT seeks comments on proposed changes to the IFT Mark usage guidelines.
The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) of Qatar has launched a public consultation regarding the update of the Class License for Short Range Devices (SRDs).
The Chinese government, through the MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) has launched both a new RFID and a new UWB regulation dated of 29 April 2024, for SRRC certification. The nomenclature of these new regulations are as follows: - RFID: Regulation No. (2024) 76. - UWB: Regulation No. (2024) 77. The new regulations will come into force on: 1 November 2024 for the RFID one and, on 1 August 2025 for the UWB one.