NRCS announce acceptance of SANS/IEC 62368-1

South Africa - NRCS announce acceptance of SANS/IEC 62368-1
Posted by Admin in South Africa - 13-APR-21
The National Regulatory for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) in South Africa have announced that national compulsory specification VC 8055 will recognise SANS/IEC 62368-1 as an equivalent standard to SANS/IEC 60065 and SANS/IEC 60950. Previously, SANS/IEC 62368-1 had not been accepted and a declaration of equivalence to SANS/IEC 60065 and SANS/IEC 60950 was required to support all applications using test reports to SANS/IEC 62368-1.
The acceptance of SANS/IEC 62368-1 is effective from 01 April 2021, meaning that the test report can now be used to support all safety type approval applications in South Africa.
By way of reminder, VC 8055 is the national compulsory specification which covers the safety of electrical and electronic products, includes the safety of Audio/Video (AV) products covered by SANS/IEC60065 and Information Technology (ICT) Equipment covered by SANS/IEC60950. 

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