New Certificate design and e-Certificate format for CCC

China - New Certificate design and e-Certificate format for CCC
Posted by Admin in China - 18-JAN-24
In accordance with the requirements of the Announcement of the China National Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA) on Improving the Management of Compulsory Product Certification Certificates and Marks (No. 12 of 2023), the China Quality Certification Center notifies the relevant matters related to the implementation of the new version of the certificate format and electronic certificate document format for compulsory product certification (CCC certification) as follows:

1. New version of the certificate style
The new version of the compulsory product certification certificate can be found in both English and Chinese versions here: CHINA QUALITY CERTIFICATION CENTRE-Certificate Sample (

2. e-Certificate document format
It is recommended that the authentication client obtains only one electronic certificate. The e-Cert document format is issued in accordance with China's electronic document exchange and storage format standards, and the OFD (Open Fixed-layout Document) document format is used to issue electronic certificates. Professional OFD tools such as Kingsoft WPS and Digital OFD Reader can be used to view the electronic certificate information and verify the electronic signature information of the certificate.

3. Implementation arrangements
From 1 January 2024, new CCC certificates and electronic certificates (e-Certificates) shall be issued in accordance with the requirements set out above.

4. Cautions
This adjustment does not imply the replacement of certificates already issued.
CCC certificates and electronic certificates (e-Certificates) in PDF document format issued before 1 January 2024, will be replaced by the new formats previously established when the renewal or change procedures for certificates are carried out upon their expiry date.

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Link to the official notice: China Quality Certification Center - Notice (

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