A sustainable RF certification services company
A sustainable RF certification services company
A sustainable RF certification services company


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The type approval process for RF products in Ecuador is administered by the Agencia de Control y Regulación de las Telecomunicaciones.

Eleos Compliance offer a fast, reliable and cost-effective service for your type approvals needs in Ecuador. Our coverage includes all RF and ITE devices – please see our technologies supported here.
Our service includes as standard:
  • Support and guidance to ensure that you understand any RF, EMC, Safety or Green certification requirements applicable to your device.
  • Review of your EU/FCC TCF to ensure that your documentation will be acceptable.
  • Preparation of your application including all application forms and declarations.
  • Submission of your application and payment of type approval fees
  • Translation and interpretation activity as required to obtain the approval
  • Management of the approval process and follow up throughout to ensure that your certificate is delivered in a timely manner
You can follow the process of your applications daily through our cloud-based live status reporting system.

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Regulatory Updates for Ecuador
Homologation requirements to include support for Cell Broadcast.
Ecuadorean regulator ARCOTEL held a brief public consultation on Wednesday 28th October, presenting a new standard for Telecom services during emergencies. They sought to hear public comments and gather opinions on the inclusion of the requirement for cellular devices to support 'Cell Broadcast' and the design and implementation of a new alerting system for broadcasts via the nations mobile networks.

Once the standard has been finalized, the precise changes to the homologation requirements for cell phones in Ecuador will be issued.

Published 29/10/20

Public consultation on fees and process for homologation of cellular devices
Ecuadorean Regulator ARCOTEL has invited public comment on a reform proposal for the homologation of cellular devices.

Specifically the reforms examine the application fees and process. Comments are welcome until the 31st of August

The notice and instructions for submitting comments can be found at the following links


Published 27/08/20