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With a wealth of experience across all aspects of international regulatory compliance, Eleos Intelligence services are ideally suited to deliver on all your research and training needs, and as with our compliance services, 10% of our profit is donated to good causes

International Research Services

  • Monitoring the developing requirements for 5G?
  • Investigating the global type approval requirements for 6GHz WLAN?
  • Want to understand the acceptability of your proprietary technology?

Leveraging our experience and network of connections globally, Eleos are ideally placed to handle your research projects, investigating the international requirements for emerging or proprietary technology with prompt delivery of reporting tailored to suit your specific questions.

Impact Reporting on Regulatory Changes

Keeping track of international regulatory changes can be overwhelming, especially if you have a large product range or sell in many countries.

To complement our regular news updates, tracking changes as they are announced, Eleos also offer a bespoke ‘impact reporting’ service providing you with a monthly report detailing the changes that specifically impact you and your product range as well as any ‘hot topics’ you want us to track more closely for you.

Regulatory Training and Custom Webinars

Successful businesses are built on strong foundations and a continual growth mindset.

Investing in your team to ensure that they have a robust overview of the certification requirements and understand the factors that contribute to the success of deploying your products globally is certain to give your business a competitive advantage.

Eleos offer tailored training solutions, either one on one or as virtual workshops, led by our industry experts sharing our professional knowledge to address all of your regulatory compliance questions

Lobbying Activity

Don’t let regulatory barriers slow down your success!

Eleos’ team members have an extensive experience lobbying worldwide for the acceptance of new technology. By leveraging our network of connections globally, our technical expertise and our understanding of the administrative and legal framework of every country, Eleos can help to unlock new markets for you, by supporting regulatory authorities around the globe to understand your upcoming technology and hasten it’s acceptance.