Mexico's IFT issues new regulation to ensure emergency alerts on mobile devices.

Mexico - Mexico's IFT issues new regulation to ensure emergency alerts on mobile devices.
Posted by Admin in Mexico - 15-MAR-23
Mexico's Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) has issued a new technical provision, the IFT-011-2022 (NOM-221 Part 3), titled "Cellular Broadcasting Service for Notification of Risk or Emergency Situations." This standard sets the technical specifications for mobile terminal equipment that uses radio spectrum or can connect to telecommunications networks for the reception and processing of emergency alert messages through the Cellular Broadcasting Service. The technical provision IFT-011-2022 came into effect on March 12, 2023, and is now mandatory for cellular phones and smartphones in Mexico.

The new regulation aims to improve public safety and facilitate communication during emergencies by requiring all mobile devices to support emergency alerts using cell broadcast service. This technology enables a one-to-many communication approach that ensures the efficient dissemination of information. The IFT has specified that the service must be available in all mobile devices sold in Mexico, including those that are imported or domestically manufactured.

To comply with the new regulation, manufacturers must partner with third-party laboratories accredited by the IFT or another authorized accreditation body to perform tests and ensure compliance with the technical specifications and requirements. Manufacturers must also submit documentation, including testing results from accredited third-party laboratories, to demonstrate compliance. The IFT will provide guidelines for the proper documentation and presentation of testing results.

After the submission of documentation, the IFT will evaluate the compliance of the mobile devices. Upon successful evaluation, the devices will be approved for commercialization in Mexico. Manufacturers that fail to comply with the new regulations may face penalties, including fines and a prohibition on the sale of non-compliant devices.

It is essential for mobile device manufacturers to familiarize themselves with these new requirements and collaborate with accredited third-party laboratories to ensure their devices meet the necessary technical specifications. Following these guidelines will help streamline the homologation process and enable the successful commercialization of mobile devices in Mexico. The new regulation is an important step towards improving public safety and communication during emergency situations.

Find the technical provision in the following link:

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