Updates to devices requiring homologation

Colombia - Updates to devices requiring homologation
Posted by Admin in Colombia - 15-OCT-21
As of the 1st of October in Colombia, resolution 6129 of December 2020 has officially come into effect.

The resolutions changes broaden the devices which are subjecct to mandatory homologation in Colombia.

Previously mobile phones and satellite devices that used Voice and/or 2G and 3G Data connections where subject to certification. Devices that only used 4G Data connections on bands (1700/2100 MHz) y 2600 MHz (4G) were exempted from requirements.

However with this change, all devices that connect to cellular networks for Voice or Data purposes, on any of the allowed bands now require certification.

In addition some changes to the submission and tracking process have been implemented in order to increase efficiency for applicants.

You can find the resolution at the folllowing link:-

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