MIIT - Implementation and testing of the IPv6 protocol in WLAN equipment approval

China - MIIT - Implementation and testing of the IPv6 protocol in WLAN equipment approval
Posted by Admin in China - 25-OCT-23
In order to promote the large-scale deployment and implementation of IPv6, the relevant requirements for IPv6 protocol support capability testing of WLAN equipment will be carried out in the equipment type approval as follows:

1. The production or import of WLAN equipment with public network IP address allocation function sold and used in China shall support IPv6 protocol, and shall apply to the relevant national regulatory authority and obtain the TA Certificate of radio transmission equipment, as well as meet the requirements of relevant regulations on radio management, such as the Notification on Strengthening and Regulating Radio Management Affairs in the 2400 MHz, 5100 MHz and 5800 MHz Frequency Bands (MIIT [2021] No. 129).

2. IPv6 WLAN devices should support and enable the IPv6 address assignment function by default, maintaining the option for users to configure the IPv6 address assignment function themselves, and clarify the IPv6 configuration method in the product description.

3. Testing institutions performing the task of type approval testing of wireless LAN equipment shall have IPv6 protocol testing capability, and perform type approval testing in accordance with the technical requirements and test methods listed in this Notice (MIIT No [2023] No. 174).

4. Core telecommunication operators shall support and encourage users to access the Internet through IPv6 WLAN devices, while users may continue to access the Internet through other existing WLAN devices.

5. The radio regulatory agencies of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government shall strengthen the supervision and inspection of the production and sale of IPv6 WLAN equipment, and investigate and deal with IPv6 WLAN equipment that does not comply with the relevant radio management provisions in accordance with the law.

6. This Communication will enter into force on 1 December 2023. WLAN equipment manufactured or imported before that date may continue to be sold and used until scrapped.

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Original source: MIIT No [2023] No. 174

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